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I have been doing some research on the Magic Web and stumbled across a number of interesting books relating to unlocking the gates/powering the gates in order to access this location referred to by the Warlocks of old and the Warlocks of Demona. 

I had started a discussion on Tibia.com located here, however it seems as though the tibia website prevents you from actually posting  the contents of certain tibian books, this was the error message I received here. I figured this would be the best place to post the contents of those books and ascertain whether The honeminas formula can be solved.

The honeminas formula BOOK

Honeminas was a Warlock of Demona who was busy developing a formula that would explain how the Magic Web had been designed by the Gods. However, he was killed by two intruders before he ever got to finish his work.
Honeminas' incomplete formula has been written down in this book by Mathemicus, one of the warlocks trying to finish what Honeminas had started.

The honeminas formula
Written by Mathemicus

The honeminas formula is one of the basic formulas that describe how the magic web was made by the gods.
It is not completed yet, because honeminas itself died by 2 intruders who found out the way into our city. But we are trying to finish his work.
And Im sure that one day we will finish it and then we will be a big part closer to our goal.

As far we solve the following formulas:

(Note: g stands for gate, g [a_,x_] for the coordinates of the gate in the 2-dimensional-area and e for the strengh of the magic energy that flows into this gate.)

For all other formulas look in your collection of formulas)

g[a_,x_] := a g[3,2] + (4,3,1,5,3).(3,4,7,8,4)


There are also a few additional books which references and adds to the formula I thought I would post to provide better context:

Summary about the investigation of the red light BOOK
Written by Donina

Yet, we havent found out what the red light does or stands for in the magic web. But it definitly has a main role into this whole system. It seems that it somehow controls the gates of the magic web. If Im right, then we will be able to control the gates one day.
We are working on it.

The Donina formula BOOK
Written by Donina

This is a formula based on the honeminas formula.
It should help to understand the pulsate of the red light in the magic web.


The Donina formula BOOK 2
Written by Donina

Part 2



Please note:

There are some grammatical errors contained within the books, but I left them in to ensure authenticity to its original contents.

What is the solution of The honeminas formula?

~Shady Doctor.

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I find it funny that I was reading those books before you post the question... :D (and I actually was doing it because of your questions about talons, which made me read again Wand of Might Accidental Finding & The Power of the Talons and then reading rest of the books from Demona).
Btw. as per book https://tibia.fandom.com/wiki/Legends_About_the_Wand_of_Might_(Book) , you might need Wand of Might (and then again talons) to resolve your question ^^

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