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I have ridden many books in my Tibia history, but I never thought about which one is the thickest (longest)?

What is the title? How many words does it contain? Where to find it?

And last, did You enjoy reading it? :)

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Using some JSON + javascript and the tibia.wikia.com API i was able to get all books from tibia, or so to say, from wikia. 

Total of 1007 books/documents that are listed in wikia. 

Result of that script can be found at my website: 

All books from wikia by elkolorado

To make the term "longest" I determined that we gonna search for the maximum characters per book.

Then, using simple sorting I was able to tell that the longest/thickest book ever in Tibia is:


Contaning total of 3968 characters.

Or 673 words.

You can find it in library in Carlin, below the Tibra temple, west of depot.

So to say, I made top10 list of longest books in Tibia. (Book - Characters)


Then to make it closed, the shortest book ever in Tibia is:


Contaning just the text Goldfinger making it 10 character long.

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Pretty amazing stuff. Thanks for sharing
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It can be done! :D
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The books have been renamed on TibiaWiki some time ago to match the standards, if someone with Edit privileges could update the answer it would be great. https://tibia.fandom.com/wiki/The_Amazons_III_(Book)
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