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With the Summer Update 2021,the new Eldritch Set was introduced to the game and this new items have the new item modifiers:

  • Magic Shield Capacity: this modifier increases the amount of mana in the players' Magic Shield, both from the Spell and from the Magic Shield Potion
  • Perfect Shot (aka Range Bonus): attacks dealt from the exact distance of the modifier will have a flat bonus damage. 
  • Damage Reflection: players wearing shields with this modifier will partially reflect melee damage back on the attacker. 
  • Specialised Magic Levels: items will be able to receive a magic level modifier for specific elements, e.g. "fire magic level +2", which means only fire damage spells are boosted. 
  • Cleave: on weapons with this modifier, the melee attacks will also cause damage to creatures adjacent to the main target and the player (called secondary targets)

Now, if we compare the new Eldritch items with their Item modifier vs "regular items" (the nearest one stats-wise), I'd like to know which one is better, leading my question; Are the new item modifiers worth it?

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magic shield could be worthy while perfect shot/cleave/damage reflection not, also for bosses perfect shot should be worthy while for aoe hunts could be almost useless and single target hunts aren't meta.

Specialised magic levels seems like is worthy on any case while cleave seems isn't worthy enough, if that were all true, isn't a too broad question?

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My opinion

  • Magic Shield Capacity: this new modifier is useful when you make soulwar bosses and you need a lot of mana shield in other cases I don't see meaning.
  • Perfect Shot (aka Range Bonus): This is very good for bosses but everyone knows it. Additionally while hunts you have a little bigger life/mana leech because leech comes from biggest attack.
  • Damage Reflection: This was tested and on 800lv EK on rosha this damage made 600k dmg for hours. 2 hands weapon increase 1 kk to 1,2kk damage so for example on rosha don't have meaning. I only see use full this shield there when cant put 2 hands weapon and you feel safe on spot for example EK on 1000lv on energy library when you keep weapon from death element and done need gnome shield with holy. 
  • Specialized Magic Levels: Well option but always will be better have got normal mlv then specialized mlv. If is additionally like in books eldritch items can have meaning. 
  • Cleave: On axe is useless but on weapon from element great. On axe is useless because dmg is from physic so first your attack have to penetrate the armor then attack target by that damage is small.