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Almost every NPC on Bounac (before the update) said that he left the island for treatment. After the update he appeared under the reason that he was taking a bath to heal from snake poison, which sounds very inaccurate. Other than that, during the night he appears at his house and controversially says that technically he is on vacation, which sounds very strange.

So, the question is... what is the truth about John the Carpenter who sews as good as a royal dressmaker?

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Well, if it's true I haven't found the answer yet, but in case it's a lie, NPC Lesh the Seer is covering for it. Lesh the Seer: Yes, I treated him. Treated him well and good. He was bitten by a snake. Regular warm and healthy baths in the hot springs beneath the mountain will heal him.
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This is really interesting. Because there are other books that make reference to a Snake Pit. Snake Bite... Possible like to other mysteries. Lesh the Seer does give us a point of interest through "hot springs beneath the mountain".  

Also Serpentine Tower mystery seems like its connected with a book as well that describes making a potion. clues in first room being slime blood and water splats also making in a pot cold then take to boil on fire.

Very interesting going to let this one set on the thought processor for a while.
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I guess is really nice to know... But in my mind doesnt make sense something from deep kazz go to edron... I'll try to collect more infos =P