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I'm just trying to get a better idea of how the Tibiadrome works. Does it depend on your vocation or level of what the wave means, or is the wave the same for everyone?

For example, A Knight level 50 in wave 10 is the same as a Druid level 200. There will always be x amount of creatures, and the same type of creatures for the same level.

The reason I ask is that I got to wave 64 and I'm level almost 700 Druid and my Knight friend level 400 got to wave 69.

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The number of creatures you face will depend on the size or party you have.

1 player: 4 monsters / 2 players: 8 monsters / 3 players: 11 monsters / 4 players: 14 monsters / 5 players: 17 monsters

Vocation / Level / Skills do not have a factor on this.

The only difference your friend might have faced are the creatures that spawned. Some creatures are known to be harder than others. That all depends on your luck. Where you might have faced 4 Scissorion, He might have faced 4 Mearidion. The creatures that spawn are random.

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In the examples given on the question, just the spawned creatures might be different. You could've commented that on my answer and I would've edited it. Posting a new answering repeating that "vocation, level and skills do not affect Tibiadrome waves" does not seems constructive.
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Yes, the amount of creatures you face on a certain wave level, as well as their stats, is the same for everyone on the same wave level, regardless of their vocation, skills and experience level.