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I heard that you can skip some waves by killing the monsters very quickly. In what amount of time I have to kill them to skip one, and how to increase the number of skipped waves?
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I'm unsure on the exact timing but the faster a wave is defeated the more waves will be skipped.
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You have already answered yourself in the question you asked "how to skip", "by killing the monsters very quickly".

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Yes, it is possible to skip waves by killing monsters faster. Recently, Mirade added information about the changes. 

2021-06-11 10CEST

  • If a Tibiadrome wave is defeated in a short time some waves will be skipped. The faster you kill a wave the more waves are skipped.
  • Summons are now taking the correct amount of damage.
  • The Highscores on the Website are now updated correctly.

Source: www.test.tibia.com/forum/?action=thread&postid=34617#post34617

As for the time, it's hard to say at the moment. For sure, when the test server starts again, I will check it and add information, but everything may still change during the tests.

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Hello. Could you please link to the post and quote it, instead of providing a screenshot? Thanks!
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Yes, I changed it :)
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I trust you on adding this information later on;-)
@Ellotris, has the notifications for the comments to your question been removed, as I didn't get any... (or maybe they never been there) confused.com