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So, when you die on the Tibiadrome you lose nothing, but what if 2 or more players enter only to start fighting inside ? Do you lose things if the last damage you take comes from a player ?

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No PvP is possible in Tibiadrome. 

Please see Tibia Manual:

b) Tibiadrome
Some general information on drome fights:
- challenges for 1-5 players with level 50 or higher
- every 2 weeks a new rotation starts in which characters fight one or more battles to collect drome points and win special potions
- a single battle consists of an unlimited number of monster waves (they become stronger with every wave) combined with combat modifiers
- each wave lasts a maximum of 120 seconds
- characters don't lose any experience points, skills points, items or blessings when dying in the drome
- mana potions, health potions, arrows, bolts, and runes are not being consumed upon use (other consumable items like rings, amulets, cupcakes, but also imbuements will be used regularly)
- there is no skill or experience gain when fighting in the drome
- fights in the drome do not lower a character's stamina
- spells that use soul points are deactivated
- only one group of players can fight in a drome at a time
- no PvP possible
- use of familiars and Chivalrous Challenge allowed
- there is a 
leaderboard on the website and ingame (in the middle of the entry hall) showing the standing of the participants in the current rotation
- characters with the most drome levels (adding up all drome levels ever reached) are listed in the 
- reached drome level and starting level will also be kept if a character is traded; however, for the time the auction is running and the trade is not completed, the character will be removed from the leaderboard; if a rotation ends before the character is back on the leaderboard, the character will not receive any points or prizes for this rotation

Source: https://www.tibia.com/gameguides/?subtopic=manual&section=combat#arenas

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Well, that's what is supposed to be. In fact, PvP is possible inside Tibiadrome. I went there with a friend and he got white-skulled. Later, I went alone (just with my summon) and I got PZ-locked. I'll report to Cip the conditions necessary for this to happen. I hope they fix it soon.
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PvP  and bugs... best combo ever :D
Did you die? and If you died, did you loose experience?
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Since I still have all my blessings and the death does not show up on Tibia.com, it seems it was treated like an ordinary drome death, i.e with no penalties. On Cyclopedia's character tab, Recent Deaths section, I can see the name of my friend's character and a mearidion as causes of my death.