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Same days ago I saw one video that the guy using a bot on new library books hunt. In this video, the guy apparently is using a bot.

( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NUqsipmq6JI )

Searching deeper i found this video on youtube  ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_9zcWjDgAuA ).

In this video (portuguese) the guy showing his bot in a unofficial tibia client, and he spoke that bot can run on normal tibia cause that works using pixels analyze and so the battleye can't detect.

Have you seen any botters in game in 2019? Are these true the videos?

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Look the bots that tibia had a few years ago dont exist anymore what you see now are mostly macros or pixel analyzers that are a type of cheat too but its not like the old one...

I saw some bots myself some are really “smart” like the cassino bots and some are extremely dumb like using a macro to repeat a single spell during double exp so yes the bots never really left this game but now you see less of hunting bots at least.. this kind of bots aren’t detected by battleye so you need to report them in the old way until cipsoft or battleye find another method of detetc bots but its impossible to end to all bots or cheaters in a game.
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Bots have never been gone. Just because there are not public and commercial bots doesn't mean there are none. People will always try and breach through battleeye to gain an advantage. You can just develop a little private tool which is unknown to the algorithm. At some point it will get picked up though and be blocked again which leads to either deletion or a huge waste of time for the developer.

The big era of botting is over but people will always try to plain unfair and find ways to at least temporarily do it.