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Hello dear Tibians!

Can I hold more than one backpck with imbuement?

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Only the main backpack imbuement affects to your capacity.

So the amswer is no, even if you imbue several backpacks only the one in the backpack slot counts.
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You can imbue as many as you want but only one will count towards your capacity cap. Unused ones wont use their imbue time so you could carry an extra to swap out once the first one runs out but that is really the only reason you'd want two with you. (Or to throw one to a mate who needs extra cap for loot or smth)
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A backpack is a item like many others, for instance, a weapon.
Items can be imbued and the effects of the imbuement are only active when the player has the item equipped.

You can hold as many backpacks as you want, but the imbuement will not count because the item is not equipped.
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