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I am doing some investigations on the Mad Mage and noticed some interesting information on Tibia Wiki which indicates the following in their article on the Mad Mage:

'After the first part of the 2013 Summer Update the World Change called Their Master's Voice was revised multiple times. Because the scripting of the Mad Mage became complicated which led to bugs, CIP decided to remove the Mad Mage from Tibia for some time, to reprogram the scripting of the Mad Mage correctly...' 'The roleplaying consequence of this issue was the (temporarily?) implementation of the Sane Mage, the sane version of the Mad Mage''.

It seems there were some bugs around the original implementation of the Mad Mage and CIP decided to implement the Sane Mage to fit in line with Tibia's lore while they fixed the bug. 

I am curious then, since CIP went to the effort to create a custom NPC replacement to make it work within the lore, is there any information in game hinting at or explaining what caused the the mage to become 'mad' in the first place? 


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As per his brother Lloyd, he is called "Mad" by the people just because he is misunderstood for his 'genius' and innovative experiments ( specially the unsuccessful one with the fungus).  Basically he become mad from his own passionate work;-) You can also read about it in Lloyd's Diary1 where he explains how the "Replica Dungeon" has been created (it was Helped by Boyd aka Mad Mage, possibly you have noticed that the Replica dungeon has not the exact same lay out (architecture) as the original dungeon, as also could rise a question- why it is a replica with a replica monsters). 

 "It seems to become a habit for me to start each entry with my brother, Boyd. They call him the "mad mage" now. They say that's what he has become - mad. The problem with mad people is, they are simply misunderstood by everyone else. Of course he's completely sane. He showed me how to protect myself, how to use metal and magic to build a line of defense against everything and everyone from the outside world. He used servants made of iron, gold and even diamond - and I was allowed to "refine" them. But I'm afraid... it's not enough. I need..."

Also in Sane Mage transcript he says "what is a mage, if he is not mad?..."

What interesting is also- is he connected to the Mad Mage Quest3- see question https://www.tibiaqa.com/10867/are-there-two-mad-mages-in-tibia-or-are-they-the-same-person?show=10867#q10867  and to Mad Mage Valley4

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2. https://tibia.fandom.com/wiki/Sane_Mage

3. https://tibia.fandom.com/wiki/Mad_Mage_Room_Quest

4. https://tibia.fandom.com/wiki/Mad_Mage_Valley

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Interesting. Thank you for this detailed answer. I will do some research around the fungi. You blew me away linking Shawtay's question on the possible connection with Mad Mage quest, that is SUPER interesting, thank you for that.