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Further to my other questions relating to the Mad Mage here and here, I was doing some research on this site and saw a question answered relating to the connection between Lloyd (Mad Mage's brother) and the Boyd (Mad Mage) here

The answer contains the Journal of Lloyd posted by , sourced from Tibia Wiki

'Lloyd's Journal

#345: It seems to become a habit for me to start each entry with my brother, Boyd. They call him the "mad mage" now. They say that's what he has become - mad. The problem with mad people is, they are simply misunderstood by everyone else. Of course he's completely sane. He showed me how to protect myself, how to use metal and magic to build a line of defense against everything and everyone from the outside world. He used servants made of iron, gold and even diamond - and I was allowed to "refine" them. But I'm afraid... it's not enough. I need...
#443: I was lucky, very lucky. A dungeon... no, a fortress underground. I found a large - facility of some sort to give me shelter. Vast amounts of energy flow through its system of rooms and corridors. I need to find out how made this, how to... use this.
#456: This whole construction was not used for a very long time. I found traces of its occupants but it's not clear whether they lived here or only used it for something, as I am about to do...
#512: It's done! I found a way to harness the energy of this place. It works like a focus, binding extreme amounts of energy for a purpose which is still beyond me - but it matters not. As my brother did in Edron, I will now declare this my base of operation. My lair. My source of power AND protection. Protection is the most important thing. I will not make any mistakes - this will be my bastion against EVERYTHING.
#612: Didn't get outside very much. Not at all. Didn't hear much about Boyd. The "mad mage" had an experiment gone wrong it seems. He's nowhere to be seen anymore. Not even in his fortress. I will follow in his footsteps. They just don't understand.
#632: I am holed up in my fortress. I harness its energy. Cosmic energy way beyond anything I have ever seen. I use the lower chamber to build an indestructible armour of power around me. Nothing can touch me. I don't need food, I don't need sleep. Now I can think. I can reflect on the world without it being any nuisance anymore. I don't care who built all this or what its purpose was.
#667: It was built... for me.

I have highlighted the points of interest related to my question from the journal, however it isn't very clear on what the experiments are ~ the journal confirms the Mad Mage taught Lloyd everything and Lloyd is pretty focused on Harnessing energy for power, however when you search the Mad Mage there isn't any mention of what the Mad Mage's experiments are and he seems more interested in the Slime Fungus and controlling mechanical servants as indicated by the Servant Sentry when you speak to him. 

I am wanting to do a short story on the Mad Mage and was wondering if there was any indication in game as to what his experiments are, or is it remained as a mystery/not known. 

I have tried searching for information on the Slime Fungus to see if it has magical properties and for other books refering Boyd/Mad Mage/other NPCs in Edron, but couldn't find anything relating to his experiments. 

Please post below if you can find information relating to the Mad Mage experiments :)

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Sane Mage hints us he is both- Mad Mage & Raging Mage. 

Player: name
Sane Mage: I AM THE... I mean... I am - what is a mage, if he is not mad? If he isn't... raging? I am... I am just sane. A sane mage.  1

Also upon completing Elementalist Outfit Quest (bringing Elemental Spikes as a proof of defeating Raging Mage), The Broken servant Sentry says 

Broken Servant Sentry: The Master is-is-is-is de-ad. Plea*chrrrrchk*se. Be. In. Mourning. 2

From the teaser: 

He created Uniweel, opened portal to Yielothaxes. He also helped his brother Lloyd to build his "Fortress". 

Another, speculative and possibly a theories are

Since many items from Yielotaxes are used with Shimmer Swimmer he might have connection to Lake Equivocolao. Also the Ring of Ending recently become a "Prime Artefact", so possibly he had/will have even bigger role in the game. 

- He is connected to Panestrider and Plangezers. His Reflection appears during Opticording Sphere Quest.3. So he might be involved in creation of the Supreme Cube and entering other dimensions. 

Their Master's Voice 4

A magical tower has appeared east of Edron out of the blue. A mad mage without any connections to the Academy has created this building and conducted several experiments there - some of which failed quite horribly. The mage is nowhere to be seen but the lower dungeon is filled with his servants who might carry some slime mould which you should pay attention to if you would like to get the elementalist outfit.
Killing all servants will provoke their master to show himself and you will be able to fight him. However, if all servants are dead, a dangerous slime fungus will slowly start to spread in the tower and can only be removed with the help of the slime gobbler. The servants and the mad mage will only reappear if all the slime fungus is gone.

The Mage's Tower 5

South-west of Zao Steppe, a vicious raging mage has created a dimensional portal on top of a tower in order to access the energy buzzing there. The wizard himself is keeping the dimensional rift open. So as long as he is alive you are able to enter Another Dimension where you will encounter yielothax, strange and tough creatures with rare loot. Also, you might come across the Uniwheel, a very specific mount.
Killing yielothax will also weaken the raging mage and if a certain number of them has been slain, the raging mage can be defeated and you can get your hands on his unique loot. However, the dimensional rift will break down soon after killing the mage and players will have to leave the dimension until the raging mage will return and restore the portal.

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Btw. Please note that last Part of the Diary, says the Lloyd used energy from his Fortress- which was created by previous occupants. It is not Mad Mage power/expertise. 

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Thank you for adding in information from multiple areas of the game to form one complete picture. There is a ton of good information here and a lot to sink my teeth into, thank you!