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I am currently researching some connections Banshees may have with Ankrahmun and other areas of the game's lore. 

What is peculiar is it seems there are a couple of Lone Banshee spawns throughout the world. Tibia wiki indicates there is one Lone Banshee under the White Tower Temple and another single spawn in Robinson Isle. I am also 99% sure there is at least 1 more lone banshee spawn but I can't remember its location. 

I was wondering What all the locations of the Lone Banshee spawns were so I could investigate them. 

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I love your lore investigations, hope see it in a article (Like the investigation of Mad Mage/Lloyd).
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Hi there,

So I found something for you with lore theories regarding Banshee's. It is build and focused on 3 locations of the lone Banshee:

Jakundaf, Thais, Ghostland

I refer you to following reading- I am sure you will find it interesting and will provide you with vital information about banshee's Lore:



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There is one in Desert Dungeon, but is unreachable. I dont know if it counts to you.