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Watching a Youtube video titled Serpentine Tower - Chapter 4 by Meadek really piqued my interest. I love mysteries in Tibia, I highly recommend you watch the video.

 NPC Chemar in Darashia might possibly be selling a flying carpet?

10:48 Shawtay [687]: flying carpet
10:48 Chemar: Do you want to buy a flying carpet for 5000 platinum coins?
10:48 Shawtay [687]: yes
10:48 Chemar: Oh, I'm sorry, but you don't have a pilot licence.

The Great Ankrahmunian Escape (Book):

...But just before the raging monsters could put their claws on her a flying carpet swept down from the sky and rescued both the mother and her child...

 So the question is, How to obtain a pilot licence in order to obtain a flying carpet? What interests me is somehow there's a code and it's missing the line. Not sure what this means. Maybe it's possible or not? My fear is this is just to add some flavor to the game...

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I am quite confident this was just some flavor added to the game and it isn't actually possible to obtain.
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Just to add, (not sure if this connected exactly to transcripts) in the interview regarding leaked/stolen files, Knightmare said " They get the reward almost for free. As for the mentioned hacked files, they were only a spoiler of mechanical things. It's not like there was a "godfile" that contained each and every secret there is in Tibia. And given the fact that there have been so many more content updates since then, it's really no longer a big deal. I doubt a current hack would do any more harm then driving some hacker nuts in order to try to see through all the data accumulated over the years."

This gives also idea that the "secrets" are kept separately. I am sure not everyone has access to it also.
Last time I checked, files were still available online.;-)
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Interesting... so it could still exist :o
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Disproving is typically the hardest. Lots of things could theoretically exist in the long lost secrets of Tibia :)