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Is it worh to waste your soul after hunting as a paladin?
Or maybe it's better saving money and using exercise wads?
Which one has the best cost-benefit?

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If u want to lvl up your magic lvl doing arrows/spears I think its worth it bc soul points are free and u just need to hunt again to recover them... the wands at the magicshop are 263k each one or 25Tc in the game market..
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Worth... I dont realy know what you mean...do you pretend to sell enchanted spears after creating or what? Thats the only thing that could give you some "profit" if you want to use the sould points.

If not, it would be the same if you just bought mana potions and do spells that dont use soul points to level up.

I literaly would not train your magic level directly. If I were you I would only take the weekly training wands and kill yourself in the arena everytime you can to keep spending mana points... I know it doesnt help you as fast as anyone wanted...but if you are constant you will keep a good mlvl acording to your level.
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If you have level under 150, is good idea if u have free time can get some money with enchanted spears  or make some Holy runes to your hunts.

If you are more than level 150, need some soul points to craft Diamond Arrows or Spectral Bolts before your hunts, so waste all of these making another things like enchanted spears (To sell) is not good option.

If you only care gain magic level, the best options is the exercise wands or rods (You dont have any limit and its more faster). The soul points are limited  and you dont get to much magic level, wasting 200 soul points on runes or spears.