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I was wondering if the fiendish monsters are re-allocated after Server Save? For example, one fiend monster is allocated in place which is very difficult to access due to strong monsters around it and no one could reach it, will there be new monsters allocated after Server Save?

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Update 02/12/21- With update on 01/12/21:

Fiendish monsters will now turn into regular monsters after one hour; the spell Find Fiend will state how many minutes the creature will still remain fiendish if it were to turn into a regular creature in the next 15 minutes.




Yes, they are. People were reporting monsters being spawned in unreachable areas and this was Skerio's answer:

one spawned in inaccessible area
how long until they change to a different monster?

Unfortunately, this monster is currently stuck there until the next server save, the feedback has been forwarded though.

Source: https://www.tibia.com/forum/?action=thread&threadid=4897021&pagenumber=4

Hope this was of help smiley