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Considering that fiendish monsters will yield almost 2x XP than normal creature, this might be an issue for players trying more challenging areas for hunt. I was wondering if there is a chance of the creatures becoming "fiendish" where I hunt somewhere for some time. I was "tracking" fiendish monsters many times, but most of the time they were in places which were empty and abandon by players (which is understandable as if it would appear during hunt it would be killed by players very quickly). I also played many hours or different spawns- but I never met fiendish monsters. My question is- is there a chance of fiendish creature appearing during my hunt? Or perhaps the creature can become fiendish only if it was spawned for example 1 hour ago?

Have you even met fiendish monster during your hunt after being some time on the spawn?
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didn't CM said that fiendish doesn't affect XP? or i got it wrong?

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Have you even met fiendish monster during your hunt after being some time on the spawn?

Yes. I was hunting Roshamuul east (horns) and after about 40 minutes of my hunt, fiend monster appeared. It was Silencer. I am not sure if it changed from normal monster to fiend or if it spawned as fiend so I am not able to answer this doubt, but what am I sure of, you can meet a fiend creature during your hunt. Maybe you can even trigger it to spawn by killing X number of monsters?

I hope I could answer your question.

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they spawn as fiendish and after an hour if n ot killed it will revert to normal mob
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That's not correct. Fiendish creatures replace existing creatures while influenced creatures are spawned that way. This is to avoid forcing fiendish creatures from spawning at the same spot in worlds with low amount of active players.
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Yes, me and my team were going to faceless and we found a fiendish gazer, there was another time that I was hunting alone and found a fiendish monster after a few minutes while hunting in feyrist.. not sure that they hold 2x Xp but they are harder to kill than the regular monsters in the spawn.
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when you went to faceless- was the spawn taken by someone? was anyone Exping there or spawn was untouched?
Same with Feyris- did you clear the whole floor and then he appeared ? If for both questions answer is no- then it does not answer my question.
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In the faceless the spawn was empty but in feyrist I cleared the area before finding the fiendish creature
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Yes, it is possible for a monster to turn fiendish. The basic mechanics are:

1) There only can be 3 fiendish monsters on all server at the same time.

2) If a fiendish monster is killed, a new one will born with a 5-min delay.

3) If the fiendish monster isn't killed for 1h, it loses its status as a fiendish creature and after 5 min a new one'll receive this status

Because of the extreme rarity, it isn' probable that you'll find a monster in your hunt, but it may happen.

Sources: Tibia website and forum (FAQ) + tibia.fandom.com
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Great input probably the best answer imo
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I think yes it can, i was hunting Fiendish and part of them was on Cobras , otherworld , Soulwar, Feru Seals or Inqui .. also found on Goanas and Girtabilhu (i think i wrote it bad) ... so i think if you are hunting there is a chance to get a fiendish Spawn just by your side.
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The correct is Girtablilu haha