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My friends and I are planning to do a friendly mini-war and we would like to have more information on how the war system option works. 

  1. Do we get a skull if we attack each other? 
  2. Do we have a frag limit?
  3. Do we have pz lock?

Whatever details you could provide would be very helpful!

Thanks ! smiley

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Hello, which type of server?
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Open pvp server
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are you looking for official Guild War system or is it random attacks? Please note that if you are in same guild you will not be able to attack each other.
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Official guild war system, we are making 2 different guilds for the game

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  1. Do we get a skull if we attack each other? - No. All kills are justified. 
  2. Do we have a frag limit? - Yes- only 5 kills of same character within 24 hrs is counted towards the war.
  3. Do we have pz lock?- Yes- if you are attacker, and also if you you been attacked and reply with the attack. 

More Readings:

How does it work?

  • The leader of an active guild may declare war to other guilds via his guild page. Guilds can only be in war with, or declare war to, up to five opposing guilds at a time. Anyone can view the war history of a guild on a sub page of the respective guild page.
  • By declaring war, the guild leader chooses his opponent and sets the conditions: duration (from 7 to 180 days), frag limit (up to 1,000 kills), a penalty payment in case of losing (up to gold coins) and so forth.
  • His opponent may decline the war declaration, change its conditions or accept it. In case he accepts, the previously set penalty payments, and a small war declaration fee amounting to 1.000 gold coins, will be transferred from both guild leader's accounts to a temporary escrow deposit at the next server save. In case the leader's accounts could not be charged for any reason, further attempts will be made at subsequent server saves. As soon as the transfer is completed, the war begins.
  • During the war, the killing of a war opponent will always be a justified kill. However, attacking a war opponent will result in a protection zone block. If the attacked character hits back, he will also receive a protection zone block even though he did not initiate the act.
  • Characters that are currently in war will be marked with special icons. This allows an easy identification of friendly and opposing characters, as well as characters who are involved in other ongoing wars you are not part of.
  • Through guild channel messages you will be informed whenever members of your own guild, or the opposing guild, were killed, and as soon as you won or lost the war.
  • At the end of a war, the leader of the winning guild will receive the penalty payments that were previously transferred to the escrow deposit. In case of a time out, the guild which achieved the most frags will be counted as the winner, but only gets a proportional amount of the loser's penalty payment measured against the frag difference. In case of a draw, the payments will be returned to both guilds.


From the Tibia Manual: 

https://www.tibia.com/gameguides/?subtopic=manual&section=guilds#guildwars :

b) At War
Characters that are at war can easily be recognised by a little banner beneath the character's name:

imageimage Characters with a green banner are members of your own guild.
image Characters with a red banner are members of an opposing guild with which you are at war.
image Characters with a blue banner participate in a war in which you are not involved.

While your guild is at war,

  • you will always receive a protection zone block if you are the attacker. If you perform aggressive actions only against your own guild members, you can still enter a protection zone, however, such a situation is very unlikely.
  • it is possible to leave this guild or to kick somebody out. It is not possible, though, to invite new members as soon as your guild has declared war. However, already invited characters can still join the guild even if the war has already started.
  • killing the same member of the opposing guild counts only up to 5 times in 24 hours to the kill score of a guild. Any further kills of this member do not count for the score.
  • you can find all important information like the current kill score, the start of the war and its maximum duration, on the guild wars page in the guilds section.
  • characters that are not involved in the war cannot heal you or strengthen you in a party in case you have suffered damage in the last 60 seconds of a member of the opposing guild.
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Thank you for your answer! It was really helpful!! :)