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I got bored reading about RP and ED strenghts. Knight players are sitting quietly like a mouse. Is EK balanced according to you?

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I think the knight at the moment have really good balance, I mean yes in low levels is too boring but in 200 or 250+ it start get good balance, have chance too loot bosses, easy way to team hunts, rentable hunts, nice combo to deal damage, good to luring. Maybe in open fights on pvp have little problems but on this time people fight more with seconds mages.
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I agree, they actually do pretty well all around on PvE situations. However, they can be also crucial for strategical defenses on PvP combats (although the offensive part shall be taken by the ED/MS division on a serious fight).
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In small places like a wall can work but in open...
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In my opinion, the imbument system had a real good impact on EKs, especially the solo hunters ones.

However, I feel they lack a little bit in the ability to output strong damage on bosses, and thier healing capabilities scale over the levels.