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Hello everyone :)

As one of those persistent and inquisitive bookworms, questers and aimless wanderers always looking for what seems "The Odd One Out" things inside the Tibian cities, as well as in its endless wilderness... I have a question.

 In fact, I have GREAT MANY questions, but let me start my activity here with that little one:

Does anybody know, what is the quest, story or mystery connected with two very curious LADDERS in Venore? And if you know, by any chance, could you please tell me if there are more of them somewhere else?

I've just checked the information about them on TibiaWiki, and they say that those kind of ladders are also found in Rathleton - and I've never seen this city yet, unfortunately, as I've never been a "hardcore player", (by ANY strech of the imagination), so I've never played any "high" or even "middle" level character yet... (Or at least I've never achieved any level that is considered as the "middle one" NOWADAYS, in the MODERN type of Tibia game). So even though I'm an "old" player who keeps returning to Tibia after each longer break, my knowledge is still rather limited.)

But about my question and the available information - they also tell us (still on TibiaWiki) that you simply can't use those kind of ladders because they're broken, and yet I know FOR SURE that it's not entirely true, because at least one of those ladders is, in fact, USABLE (!)

Here are the further details of what I'm talking about. If you click on either of those 2 special ladders in Venore, you indeed get the message: "You see a broken wooden ladder. This ladder is not to be trusted."

- one of them is located in the messy Venorean shipyard west-north of the city. If you try to use it, the message says: "The ladder tries hard to look stable and trustworthy, you are not yet convinced". Is it some kind of a special quest? Can you do anything to get "more convinced" and DARE to use it? ;)

(I remember that our character doesn't DARE to jump from one rock to another in the "Troll Sabotage" quest until we use the Boots of Haste there, so perhaps we can use some other item in order to finally DARE to climb the broken ladder in the Venorean shipyard too?)

- and the other ladder is even more interesting, because even though the message says that it's "not to be trusted' you CAN, in fact, use it and climb on the roof of one of the Venorean buildings, namely the one above npc Leeland and his shop. Now, the REALLY interesting thing is, that when we access the roof, we see a note pinned on the wall there, informing us proudly that: "Amaro was here!" Well, that could mean anything and nothing, except... I'm quite sure that there used to be a series of RPG news articles on the official Tibia website, describing the adventures of certain Amaro the Quester (!). Which in turn makes me really excited, because perhaps it IS, in fact, some still hidden QUEST for us to discover?


So, if any of you here knows something more about it, please DO share your (any and every) piece of information here, or even describe some of your "working hypothesis" or theories!

 I would be very grateful to learn anything new about this PROMISING (in my opinion) subject :)


EDIT: I'm very grateful to Bittencourt/Brighid for providing us with some more information in an EXCELLENT visual way (I wish I could learn how to do it too,haha) so definitely make sure to take a VERY CLOSE look at his/her answer.

I hope there are still many more new discoveries to be made here, but as I'm still a considerably "low level player" (both on this "posting account" and on my other, main account) I can't follow all those scrumptious lore threads everywhere they lead - as I explained in my comment to Bittencourt/Brighid's answer below.

HOWEVER, I would still like to share some of my own HUMBLE new findings, for those of you whose level is already high enough and who are blessed with dedicated team of friends with similar levels, in case you have time, will and energy to follow the whole story:

1) I've already found Amaro's Adventures among the many featured articles in the News Search archives on the official Tibia website (some of them have Amaro's name in their title, but not all of them, so I'm going to read all the surrounding lore articles too, just in case it might enlighten me even further and provide some other possible hints)

2) Amaro's true name is spelled a bit differently than I thought, as it's Amaro de Quester (his full name is Amaro Aventus de Quester). Now that's an impressive name, if I've ever seen one ;)

3) There is a whole article dedicated to presenting Amaro's personal profile, in a sort of an interview, where he answers many different questions about himself. At the end of this interview he is asked: "What is the best advice you can give?" and his curious answer is: "If you don't see anything, look closer. Adventure may only be a breath away!" - Ahh, I just love this GREAT answer! Spoken like a TRUE quester and adventurer! :)

4) And for those of you who are a bit more lazy, <cough> I mean who do not really have THAT much time, I can even provide the following details:

- the date of the interview mentioned above is June the 7th 2016,

- BUT there are other articles, featuring Amaro as early as 2012, as far as I can tell.


Small EDIT: Ha, I was wrong by two years. I remembered that Amaro had some great funny article entirely dedicated to his life among the rotworms and indeed, it was written in November 2010! It doesn't mention his name in the title which is: "My Friends the Wild Rotworms". So his adventures started even earlier than I've initially thought! 

So much to read, so little time... Right then. Back to my studies.


ANOTHER EDIT: I somehow missed the fact that someone has already asked a related question about Amaro here on this site. I will link it here if I can, (but I'm still not sure how to post a link here, as I can't "copy an paste" anything while I edit my post). 

Anyway, it's "Who is Amaro and is there locations in Tibia that mention him" question written by Shawtay. He/she mentions ANOTHER note on the wall saying "Amaro was here" in a DIFFERENT location that the one in Venore, and there are some great anwers to his/her question too, so definitely go and check out that whole thread if you're interested. I believe it MUST be somehow related to our findings here!


Doesn't it all look VERY promising? :)

Good luck to whoever will try to discover something new, in the lore or in the game itself, especially where I cannot reach right now (or anytime soon)

I'm off to read some more articles about Amaro Aventus de Quester!

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Very interesting question. About the "Amaro the Quester", I am wondering if it is some kind of Easter Egg for Tibia Tale fans, or if there is more to it. I hope someone will be able to answer your question. I will check the Ratheton ladders, but AFAIR they didn't give any message when used.
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Thank you for showing interest in my question - I eagerly await all of your possible discoveries in Rathleton! :)

I will look more into the whole Amaro the Quester subject soon (if I can still find it in the news archives on the official Tibia website). Perhaps there is some clue hidden in those stories... Either a more direct hint or something hidden somewhere between the lines -  who knows?

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i'm very happy to read your text, and to see your interest to investigate further in this theme. Those ladders are still a mystery (at least to me), so i guess i can't help too much about new information. But i can say here where those ladders are located.

So far i've found 4 of them:

  • 2 on venore (one of them works, and the other doesn't). (2 images bellow).
  • 1 of them in Oramond, here.
  • 1 of them in the Halls of Ascension, in the Ferumbras' Sleeping Room (ferumbras ascendant Quest).
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Oh wow, thank you SO MUCH for providing the locations, the descriptions, and even the animated SCREENSHOTS, Bittencourt/Brighid! :)

This whole topic looks more fascinating than ever now:

1) so we have at least ONE MORE LOCATION of this kind of ladder (compared to what what TibiaWiki says), and it's in the HALLS OF ASCENSION, in the Ferumbras' Sleeping Room

2) as far as we know, ONE of those ladders actually WORKS (again, contrary to what's written on TibiaWiki right now) - and it's the one over npc Leeland's shop in Venore.

3) morever, I think it's important to note, that the ladder that works is :

a) easily accessible for everyone on free account area in what is one of the most popular cities

b) it has this curious note pinned on the wall, written by none other than THE famous Amaro the Quester! (I think that's a HUGE HINT to start investinagitng further!)

4) the ladders which are NOT working are located first in Venore (to give us a general idea what to look for elsewhere), but the others are in much more remote places, inculding the one connected with FERUMBRAS himself!

Honestly, if that's not some hidden, still undiscovered Quest for enthusiastic explorers of Tibia lands and lore, than I would be very much surprised!  Ahh, this is so exciting! :)

I think I will finally pay a visit to Oramond in the foreseeable future (I've never been there yet, I guess it's time for me to level up my main character a bit, haha) but the Ferumbras Ascension quest is definitely something out of my reach, as it requires not only a very high level but also a whole team of similar high-leveled cooperating players etc. So I guess I won't solve this whole mystery on my own anytime soon ;)

But I'm glad that I've shared at least the beginning of it here, and that it got other people interested. I will gladly follow any and every news about it, so if you discover something new, please keep sharing!