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It seems to me that the benefit that powerful vampirism brings is too high. I mean, it heals a lot more and if you calculate the price it is much cheaper than the other two.

Price (token + tax)% HealCost Efficiency
Basic2 * 30k + 15k = 75k5%0.066
Intricate4 * 30k + 55k = 175k10%0.057
Powerful6 * 30k + 150k = 330k25%0.076

If you look at Void Imbuement, it makes sense, because the powerful imbuement has less efficiency, as it should be.

The cost efficiencies for Basic, Intricate and Powerful Void imbuement are 0.04, 0.028 and 0.024.

It doesn't make sense for the powerful vampirism be better and cheaper. Is this correct? Is there any reason for that?

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I think they do it to give more survivance to a Knights (Like with the potions) and yes maybe the void need a upgrade (8% to 15%) or vampirism a downgrade (25% to 15%) all this is because the vampirism/potions are connected to the death, I mean you can be in hard situation with 0 mana points, but you cant do the same with 0 life points.
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I think that rather of being cost-effective, they can open for your harder hunting places that you couldn't hunt otherwise, and can save you poitions usage that will extend your hunting time, without the need to refill.