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I've tried to get the four-leaf clover and I've noticed some hunts I was doing 50 gooey mass per hour but in some others about 15 per hour... It sounds very strange for me, so I decided to ask you if there is something on the lore that affects the drop rate, like day/night etc


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Only the below will affect the drop of Gooey Mass:

- Double Loot event

- Loot Prey on Hive Overseer

- Wealth Duplex

The Gut charm will not work as it is not creature product;-)

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is it possible to have prey loot on hive overseer? I have never seen, only Kolloses sadly.
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Yes, you can. Hive Overseer is not a boss like Maw, is not a summon or does not have some specific "raid" spawn type. It is just another regular creature ;-)
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you are right, I found information about this, but you have to use wild cards