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Today I finished the 60 kills I needed in oberon, killing the boss with boost of loot at every opportunity (since I could set him on a slot), I have 120% of chance of additional drop and I have not managed to get anything in these two months, therefore

Could someone tell me what is the chance of getting something? 0.02%? 1%?
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guessing  it's all the same for all us (same chances), must be something close to 0.001% per item, (8 items if we say they all have the same rate would be 0.008% total, but no one could tell with certainty) since this wont answer the question and maybe someone have run a 2k kills test already, then i will leave this just as a comment.

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According to Loot Statistics:Grand Master Oberon the chance is 0.27% to loot a Falcon Item.