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Hello guys!!

My team and I are trying to kill Grand master Oberon every single day after our hunting time, surely we have killed more the 100 until now and we got 0 loot til this time. In other hand i have friends that got alreay 2-3 itens killing less than us but in a different time along the day.

My point is, we kill Oberon always around the same time every day, it has some influence about the loot? Should we chance the time to kill him?

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This is a old rumor but all of the bosses don't work with time to kill. I mean is the same take 1 second or 20 min to kill the boss the loot gonna be the same.

But if you take some time and get more damage from boss can get better loot (Doesn't work in all bosses).
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I killed it like 300 times , 0 loot , its a boss with very low % of drop, I know people that Kills it everyday with more than 5 characters for each day and for each 2 months he loots 1-2 Items, but answering your question nope the time dont matter.
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