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I am a druid, I am planning to go up to 250 and I have a team to escort me every day to make the falcons bosses (more than everything Oberon). What is the best way to face this boss alone?

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Utamo vita + Prismatic ring + prismatic Amulet + defense set.

Then use energy bombs or energy walls to make the Oberon run across those fields so you will gain extra damage meanwhile you are scaping from his hard attacks.


Here you can see how to do it in a good way, you can also use the equipment that the Youtube user recommends.

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Thanks guys for the downvotes , everyday its very good to see how community just want to ruin the time of the prople who tries to help on this fansite......
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  • Minimum Set (Imbuements): 

Mage Hat Mage Hat (Imbuements: Powerful Void and Powerful Epiphany) or Gill Gugel Gill Gugel

Bear Skin Bear Skin (Imbuements: Powerful Demon Presence or Powerful Lich Shroud) or  Earthmind Raiment Earthmind Raiment

Gill Legs Gill Legs or Dwarven Legs Dwarven Legs

Terra Boots Terra Boots or Oriental Shoes Oriental Shoes

Shoulder Plate Shoulder Plate (Imbuements: Powerful Demon Presence or Powerful Lich Shroud) or Umbral Master Spellbook Umbral Master Spellbook (Imbuements: Powerful Demon Presence or Powerful Lich Shroud)

Prismatic Ring Prismatic Ring or Death Ring Death Ring

Glooth Amulet Glooth Amulet or Prismatic Necklace Prismatic Necklace

Lit Moon Mirror Lit Moon Mirror

  • Rod of Destruction Rod of Destruction  (Imbuements: Powerful Void and Powerful Strike) or Wand of Destruction Wand of Destruction (Imbuements: Powerful Void and Powerful Strike).
  • Drink Mastermind Potion Mastermind Potion.
  • Eat some food like Brown Mushroom Brown Mushroom.
  • Use Strong Haste Utani Gran Hur.
  • Keep your mana FULL.
  • In emergency use Blueberry Cupcake Blueberry Cupcake or Blessed Steak Blessed Steak.
  • Use Ultimate Mana Potion Ultimate Mana Potions.
  • If you want can summon (Druid: Summon Grovebeast utevo gran res dru or Sorcerer: Summon Thundergiant utevo gran res ven) but it just survive some 1 or 2 minutes.
  • Attack with Sudden Death Rune Sudden Death Rune and your waves (Druid: Strong Ice Wave Exevo Gran Frigo Hur and Terra Wave Exevo Tera Hur) or (Sorcerer: Energy Wave Exevo Vis Hur and Great Energy Beam Exevo Gran Vis Lux).
  • Use Magic Shield Utamo Vita
  • Use Energy Bomb Rune Energy Bombs on floor.

  • Walk around the pillars.
  • Example: 

Elder Druid Level 254 vs Grand Master Oberon

Elder Druid Level 264 vs Grand Master Oberon

Elder Druid Level 356 vs Grand Master Oberon