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Tibia has been launched at 7 januari 1997 by 3 German students. Tibia is one of the oldest and longest-standing massively multiplayer online role-playing games. I've been playing since the year 2000 and i've seen tibia changed alot in years. Cipsoft has done a great job making Tibia attractive, fun and worth to play. I've never seen a game being so popular without having any sounds. 

Do you guys think Cipsoft ever will implent sounds or music to the game?

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Tibia is such a unique game, that all the sounds in game are expressed by onomatopoeias. Adding sounds to the Tibia would destroy it climate. I hope it never happens.
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totaly agree. Sounds would also prevent people from dying afk, what is pretty funny :P
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You can read the answer on the official website clicking here.

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I only see three ways, if you implement new/modern sounds this gonna be a bad move because it gonna confront the graphic style, if you use old sound like the graphic style it can be annoying hear it by hours, so the best way is the third, dont touch it.
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I must admit that one of the things that apeal me in this game, is it simplicity.

I feel that adding sound to the game may do more harm than good.