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What do I have to do to get the mount?

There is an item or mission?

Can I only get it while the Anniversary is running?
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The first thing you have to do is to wait for the mount to be implemented in the game. Please, consider phrasing your question on the future tense.

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The mount -Gloothomotive 1   is obtainable by using Wind- Up key  ( very rare loot from Lord Retro or rare item from Pinata Dragon game during 25th Anniversary activities) on Wind-Up Loco - obtainable from the dungeon leading to Lord Retro. WInd-Up Loco can be collected several times (even after finishing the quest) by character. You do not have to finish the 25 Years of Tibia Quest to use both of the items. 

 Location for Wind-Up Loco - Lizard's Dungeon Part, next to teleport:

Upon using both of the items, you will receive Achievement "Engine Driver". 2

It is also confirmed that it is permanent add tot he game- you will be able to get it after 25th Anniversary activities.3 

Also, can you clarify if the Time dungeon and Lord Retro is for every anniversary or it will remain in game even after the anniversary for example in March it will be there?

The latter, they are not bound to certain dates.

Teaser of 25th Anniversary:

However, this experience will not only encompass the dungeon, as a new quest will send you across Tibia, and eventually set you against the boss Lord Retro. The rewards for your efforts are a new backpack, mount, and outfit, as well as Theons.

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