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In which cities can I find the birthday buffet? I care about the exact location. It would be nice to create such a list.
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Actually, we currently cannot find any birthday buffet since they are not in game, yet. Please, consider phrasing your question on the future tense.

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According to Cipsoft, the birthday buffet will be available in each capital.

Do you have more than a metaphorical appetite for the festivities? In each capital, a birthday buffet will be present from which each character may eat once in 24 hours, which earns you Theons, carpets, and other deco items in return. Free account players may only eat once from the buffet in total.

The exact location however has not yet been disclosed. I will update my answer as soon as they make them public.

Source: https://www.tibia.com/news/?subtopic=latestnews&id=6429

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Good to know that you will edit it later  that will be a really good answer and important for Tibia history.
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I'm also waiting for the edit :p