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I noticed That I can get some boxes containing vessels and some of the carpets- but what are all the items which I can get and is the colour of the box making a difference to get certain items?
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I was considering about opening the boxes in a video :) Supernatural ones are the ones that are catching my attention. I got maybe 40-35 dofferent boxes today - I need a team for bosses btw
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Supernatural gives you the vessels, and vessels makes bosses appear for 2 sec.. then they vanishes:( I have still no clue what they are for… we are not on same server as far as I know… you are Thyria, antica? And didn’t get any box from miniboses:( and I opened boxes also ;X
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I play on Thyria. Would be a pleasure to join a team with users from TibiaQA :) I also trade stuff on Antica so there is a chance that I will pursuit boxes there. Vessels are great for screenshots and contests in my humble opinion. Special FX are another one that I would be happy to own many!

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Yes, the color of the box affects the items. Below is a list of boxes that can be pulled from The Ambrosia Buffet.

Balloon Box 

Box Full of Presents

Carpet Box Carpet Box

Embroidered Box 

Luminous Box 

Special Balloon Box 

Special Carpet Box 

Special Fx Box 

Supernatural Box 

Also you can get Dragon Pinata Kit.

Source : TibiaFandom