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I would like to know what are these items used for:

15:31 You see a vessel of Ghaz'haragoth.

It weighs 9.00 oz.

You can get vessels from the supernatural box and they are for many other bosses.

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As all vessel’s are on the market we can confirm that you can get:

- Vessel of Devovorga

- Vessel of Ferumbra ( not ferumbras)

- Vessel of Ghaz’haragoth

- Vessel of Horestis

- Vessel of the Mad mage

So far I can say that If you use it at home, boss will appear for few seconds. Vessel will disappear
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what are these vessels for? never heard about them before and cant find anything on wiki too
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Its obtainable from Supernatural box- this can be looted from raid monster in Liberty, Port hope & Svargrond, as also you can get from buffet
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how the other guy told ya,there is nothing special on it if u use it,the ghost of the creature will summone for 5 secs and gone :P