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I got a thing for these items, I think they will be of great use to deco, the skulls, the tibia coin, the Commemorative Platinum Coin, the Wind-up Loco, etc. Can I pick them up after a certain time passes again?
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Because it started yesterday I haven't tried to get the items again but I used other characters to get it.

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I already tried to get all of the items and you can get all of the quest items after a cooldown (I don't know yet if it's 20 or 24 hours for some).

I got a second wind-up loco today from the same chest.

However, if you finish the quest and kill Lord Retro you cannot get items anymore, but the Tibia Coin I have been getting more, everything else I get the message "The Chest is empty".
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As far as I tried, you cannot get most of the things you find in chests (such as the wind-up loco). 

But you can get many Tibia Coins. And you can also get many papers, paint the pictures more than once and keep them.

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How did you get the tibia coins? Even if I finished the quest could I get more?
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I wanna know how to pick more Tibia Coins as well!!
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Use Your tool or hoe on orange stuff next to teleport after ogres part:) Hoe you collect from the barrel where is the Ogres camp- you just need to wait for orange stuff to appear again
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I tried with different orange things but couldn’t! Maybe it has a cooldown?
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I tried only the on south-east from teleport - after like 1 hours or 2 hours and got it. Will test today again to see re cool-down
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Thank you!
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I just checked, you can also get the painting colors and the photo album