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This would be good to know so we can be careful or be aware not to waste our Dwarven Ring. What causes drunkness that cannot be cured with a Dwarven Ring? Whether it would be a creature, an item, an action, etc.

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The dwarven ring doesn't work when you get superdrunk in Orcsoberfest's Smash Nails game. I'll investigate if there are other situations and come back here.
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Currently there are 3 situations in which you can become superdrunk, a special condition with the same effect as drunkneness but that cannot be removed by using a dwarven ring:

  • Using the tap of a Super Cask in the Orcsoberfest Island. The more taps you use, the longer you'll stay superdrunk, up to a certain limit.

  • The 'Tanked Up' modifier of the Tibiadrome, which will make you superdrunk if you are on a marked field when it disappears.

  • A spell used by Festival Cakes, a creature that appears during the first two stages of the fight against Lord Retro during the 25 Years of Tibia Quest.