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On Tibia's website there's a page called the Creature Library where you can see what creatures are in Tibia. However, this list seems to be incomplete. For example, Exotic Cave Spiders are one of the creatures that cannot be seen in the Creature Library but I have them on my hunting task so I'm confused. Why are some creatures not added to this library and what are some other examples? I'm sure this is a pretty big list so if you prefer you can give me what types of creatures aren't listed and some examples. I remember when I was younger I'd use this library as a source of information, now I just go to other fansites which have a full list of creatures.

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I don't have time at the moment to compile a list of all creatures that are not included in the library but I can give you some examples. As for the reason why some are excluded it is because CIP's content team did not write a description for the creature. I asked them about this last year.

the Ghost Wolf hasn't received a description when it was released. Such creatures are usually not added to the website's creature page without it. Our content team decides which creature receives such a description based on how important it is. Unfortunately I can't give you more information about the needed criteria. If you have any other concerns, please let me know. 

Kind regards,
CipSoft Tech Support"

Creatures not included:

  • Ghost Wolf
  • Goblin Leader
  • Exotic Cave Spider
  • Exotic Bat
  • Haunted Dragon
  • Ice Dragon
  • Crystal Wolf
  • Thornfire Wolf
  • Furious Fire Elemental
  • Undead Prospector
  • Undead Mine Worker
  • Little Corym Charlatan
  • Askarak Demon
  • Askarak Lord
  • Askarak Prince
  • Shaburak Demon
  • Shaburak Lord
  • Shaburak Prince
  • Starving Wolf
  • Deepling Brawler
  • Deepling Master Librarian
  • Deepling Tyrant
  • Deepling Elite
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Yes its not necessary but would be nice to have a complete list of creatures at least
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I just don't understand their logic. They include White deer but not starving wolf, gloom wolf but not ghost wolf. They even include undead cavebear and the rare midnight panther but not goblin leader who has multiple places to appear in tibia. Makes no sense to me.
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Well, tbh it seems that "logic" is not the strong suit of cipsoft. XD