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I'm so confused on which items to get gnome helmet vs falcon circlet, cobra rod vs soulhexer. I would need some help on which items is a must to get for an ED don't take pricing into account. I do both hunt solo and team too.
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If pricing isn't to be taken into account then you should buy all of them and use them accordingly, which is basically the answer given by Violet below.

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The best advantage of a mage is the ability to stack lots of protection through imbues.
The gear you want depends on what you plan to hunt and eventually you want gear to cover every type of spawn.

Complete gear set should look like this:

  • Gnome Helmet
  • Falcon Circlet
  • Eldritch Hood
  • Bear Skin
  • Dream Shroud
  • Swan Feather Cloak
  • Multiple Dwarven Armors
    (Ice/Leech) ice spawns
    (Fire/Leech)  fire spawns
    (Death/Leech) death spawns*
  •   Multiple Elven Mails
    (Earth/Fire/Leech) issavi surface
    (Earth/Holy/Leech) issavi crypts/rotten wasteland
    (Energy/Holy/Leech) energy library/furious crater
    (Ice/Holy/Leech) dark thais/wz9
    (Fire/Death/Leech) brachios/wz8*
    (Earth/Energy/Leech) bashmu/wz7
    (Ice/Earth/Leech) ebb and flow
  • Soulful Legs
  • Gnome Legs*
  • Soulstrider
  • Gill Legs
  • Pair of Dreamwalkers
  • Pair of Nightmare Boots
  • Make-Do Boots
  • Cobra Rod
  • Falcon Rod
  • Soulhexer
  • Foxtail Amulet
  • 2+ Enchanted Theurgic Amulet
  • Koshei's Ancient Amulet or Cobra Amulet
  • 5 Shoulder Plates or 4 Lion Spellbooks & 1 Shoulder Plate
  • Umbral Master Spellbook
  • Spirit Guide (Holy) energy library/furious crater*
  • Blister Ring
  • Ring of Souls
  • Bone Fiddle, Sun Catcher, Moon Mirror & Lit Torch

This should cover all spawns in the game you would be hunting.


You can swap out the Dwarven Armor (Death/Leech) and the Elven Mail (Fire/Death/Leech) for Soulshrouds eventually.

I personally think Soulhexer is over-rated as the life leech from Cobra Rod is generally much better. The practical reason to buy a Soulhexer is for the 12% Ice Protection in spawns like wz9 and ebb and flow.

Technically a Cobra Rod upgraded via the Exalted Forge is a stronger/better rod than the Soulhexer.

Gnome Legs is good, but in the spawns you'd use it you take holy damage too, so Soulful Legs are fine (energy lib/furious crater).
In the other spawns where you need energy protection you take earth damage too, so Gill Legs are fine (bashmu/wz7).

Because of the above, its better to buy Soulstrider first or simply sell your Gnome Legs to pay for them (in my opinion).

Spirit Guide (Holy) for energy library and furious crater, Shoulder Plate (Energy) for places like falcons.

Earth imbues on a spellbook are generally not necessary as we get huge amounts of earth protection through Dreamwalkers, Theurgic and Umbral Master Spellbook - plus all the higher level spawns have secondary elemental damage so we usually imbue for that instead (Death in cobras, Fire in issavi goannas on a Shoulder Plate for example).

You should mention the usage of Green Ring of Plasma though. In almost every highlevel spot you can use those since Blister or Souls is not needed due to no damage from fire or life drain.

Hlvl ED here with some years experience too and i have to say i do most of the time exactly what you told earlier.
I also think that some more % of protection are worth dropping 1-2 magiclevels on gear since the effect of the less magiclevel is not visable while some more protection can be the difference between death and life.
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I completely agree with your input on the importance of magic level and resistances, but like I said, I think the ML factor still must be mentioned. For example, on Furious Crater the Gnome Legs is very superior to the Soulful. Even with 2 energy imbuements, gnome helmet and gnome legs, etc, I took about 80% energy damage there because of the chains. On Energy Lib the elements are way more balanced so yeah, I wouldn't buy Gnome just for that.
To be honest umbral master spellbook is not worth to buy i mean it's helpful etc but it's better to buy few lion spellbooks and make imbu protection in it?
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There is no such thing as a must have set..

Tibia is an expensive game, and it's hard to accomplish  a full set in the most part of the cases.

Im a druid 620 and I regularly use a Dwarven set, with gnome helmet.
I change the armor imbuements based on the hunts. if it's needed. and for me its enough. Im not the strongest one, but I can go library, Issavi, and other places without so much problem using this set.

If you want to keep it safer, You can always have the items perfect for each hunt type. but prepare your pocket!
Regularly don't think it's a HUGE difference, of having 1 ML + or  +1% defense... but sometimes 1% is enough to keep u alive!
So if u have all money of the world keep just buy the most expensive items.
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I find this answer as not helpful to the question, if someone doesn't want to spent in a better set is up to them, but shouldn't say that doesn't exists a must have, always exists something that improve considerably your efficiency considering the META,  regardless if someone consider it worth the money or not (specially due this question isn't considering expenses). Worst thing is to say that "buying the most expensive items" would help, not always an expensive item is worth the investment and encouraging it without the proper explanation is a bad behaviour.

Then the other thing that i disagree is turning the answer too opinion based, even if some personal experience is helpful isn't helpful basing all statements on that without any proof or example or way to ponder it beside what has been said here (also take into account this question aim players with a higher lvl that maybe could afford better the gear or simply need it more to hunt in more dangerous  places or simply to hunt more efficiently)

This is why i decided to give you a downvote, maybe consider reading this articles to improve your answer!