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I’m a 440+ Druid and I’m not sure what equipment piece to upgrade next.

Current eq:

Falcon Circlet/Yalahari Mask

Theurgic Amulet

Rod of Destruction

All Raiments + Bear Skin

Soulful legs/Gill/Glacier etc

Nightmare boots/soft/boh

Umbral master spell book.

Now I’m thinking Cobra rod or Falcon rod. Anyone else have any ideas?


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Depending of your style of hunting and places where you hunt. Do you depend a lot on Magic Shield or you prefer to hunt without it. If you can add those details, I will try to add more details to the answer.

I would strongly suggest Cobra Rod due to life leech. Afterwords I would get Falcon rod.

After wands upgrades also consider Gnome Helmet & Gnome legs. You should also have Pair of Dreamwalkers Spirit Guide Shoulder Plate

Read some of the reviews on the Cobra Rod and Falcon Rod below.