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I'm thinking about buying the item (the cube) because it's not easy to find a team to do the quest.

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It is important to say that there are two types of cube. 
1. "The Cube" (the cube sprite missing a piece)
2. "The Supreme Cube" (the entire cube ready to use) .
We have to be careful not to get confused, as both items have different functionality!

As you don't have the quest, you will have to buy the cube missing a piece, "the cube"  and not the supreme, because the supreme only those who have the complete quest will be able to use it. It is possible to buy "the cube" through advertising and forge your supreme cube yourself without finishing the quest.

In Belobra the item "the cube" (the cube missing a piece) is sold for 500k. The "supreme cube" (the entire cube) is sold at 1kk. 

In your case, as it is difficult to find a team to drop the cube piece, it is recommended that you invest the 500k. You'll get a nice shortcut in the quest. I explain how:
1. Buy the piece of the cube ("the cube")
2. Do the quest "Mysterious Ornate Chest" until the quest to activate the forge (after the puzzle in Krailos)
3. Get the small cube piece from Edron's tomb  

4. With the 3 items in hand: the cube piece you bought  the complete opticoding sphere  and with the missing piece of the cube  head to the Gray Island forge and ready! Make your cube and save time. By doing this process you won't have to make minigames and bosses that need a team. laugh

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Thank you for the answer!  Helped me a lot!
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The price for the cube, can vary like a lot even in the same server, it depends how much people do this bosses, I heard some people buying for like 500k, some other for 100k~50k it’s not a comum boss so not much people selling the item, mostly after creating the supreme cube nobody go to kill this boss…