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According to the wiki there are few units of this item, around 6. I read an interview with Sheepyy and he mentioned that this was one of the most expensive items he ever paid for. I would like to know if anyone knows how much it is worth and if there has already been a sale post on some forum or something similar. 

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Haven't seen anything recent but I could be absolutely wrong.
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I'm hoping that someone who has the item or is close to that person will see this question.

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When I spoke to some Red Rose guild members who were online Heavyarm Kai and Venora Lunalight they are pretty persistent that the Rose Shield will stay within the guild. There are not a lot of active members but in this related TibiaQA question How many Rose Shields still exist in Tibia? You can see the shield stays within the guild. In the TibiaGoals interview with Sheepyy is where you obtained that he didn't resell it and that he gifted it back to the guild but he did pay an undisclosed price for the shield. Now, prices in Tibia vary so much and I could only imagine he paid less than what someone is willing to pay today. But, this shield will forever have an unknown price as it stands today as there are no recent sales of this shield. As what I would estimate? As someone who has been following ultra rares closely and especially with the prices in Tibia nowadays, I'd estimate easily over 350k TC (I know an ultra-rare that got sold for more than this recently - I don't want to say the exact price nor the item as it was promised of me to not say since those who buy things tend to keep things a mystery) Also in, What is the most expensive trade in Tibia history? Some characters have been sold for more than 300k TC. But, because of the shield's history, you can't simply put a price on that. So my guess is as good as yours when it comes to the shields price... unknown for now and maybe that's the way it should be as it's in the hands of the guild who are the rightful owners.

Source of the image is also from TibiaGoals interview with Sheepyy

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You meant 350/300k TC, not kk TC, I believe.
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Your right - thanks for catching that for me
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Wyniki tłumaczenia

I don't think there ever was such a day. once a shield was stolen but not found? while members who had it and left the game put it back into the hands of the guild. I think there is no such price, not everything can be bought.
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