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How much do all colors of raven kits cost? Please include your sources along with gold/TC price. You cannot sell these items in the market is why I ask and I know their hard to obtain due to the participation needed for the Bewitched event.

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I have the white crow, I paid him 5kk about 3 years ago. The average value of these items is currently 11 to 28kk (according to the Antica market). I believe the exact value will depend on the server. As it is an item that is obtainable by event and requires a lot of dedication, it may be more expensive on empty servers or on servers where players are not so participating in events. I also put an image of tibia bosses price check (prices ​​in kk's and coins).


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The market value will usually be higher than the price you can get for the Ravens that have been unwrapped/wrapped. Since most Ravens can't be placed on the market the ones that can tend to go for higher prices, but players looking after buying them should use the Advertising Channel instead and get much better prices.
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