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Hello, I've been wondering if there's any way to compare/calculate the average value of the item 'Filigree statue'. There's a shortage ( If I'm not wrong, only 2 of them spawn on each server, when they're launched) I've proven that they won't spawn again after a FULL map reset (I've checked this twice with more people). So what is the cost of this statue?
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Are you asking about the cost of the statue? If so please edit your question to include the tag "price" and change the subject to What is the cost of the Filigree Statue?
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Agreed. The question is very poor at the moment and must be edited.
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Why are you always so picky? It basically means the same, 've just used different terms.
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rate of rarity can be confused with "how rare is it to find x statue" "how many exist" I understand if English is not your main language but this question is poorly formated and didn't make sense to me and others. please don't be upset if someone asks you to clarify your question we must follow the help center guidelines before posting a question or answer.

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