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Why players can turn into Poodle or summon it by "Utevo res" spell but monster doesn't exist by itself?

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This creature is not found in the game, but the NPC Dog Lady has this appearance.  
She looks just like a poodle.
She is Noodles' girlfriend. 

Noodles is the Royal Poodle.

There may be a chance for her to appear in the king's room in the world change "noodle is gone" and along with her a basket of puppies 

Player: Hail King

King Tibianus: I greet thee, my loyal subject Player.

Player: Noodles

King Tibianus: Well, as it seems Noodles has found a pretty little lady for himself.

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Another little piece of trivia:

Even though the sprite doesn't look like, Noodles is a poodle himself.

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I really enjoyed hearing about this information, how interesting! :) I added this curiosity in the answer, thank you very much <3