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You see a honey flower. It weighs 10.00 oz.

Although this plant can be bought in a wide variety of cities in Tibia, TibiaWiki states:

Can be found in various places around Tibia but is rather rare on Rookgaard. - Honey Flower in TibiaWiki

So I was wondering, where can you found this honey flower? are there spawn locations for this plant? and if yes where?

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Here are locations you can find honey flowers according to Tibia 7.7 leaked files. I've double checked the locations myself (apart from Isle of Solitude) to confirm whether they are reachable or not.

The honey flower obtained in Rookgaard is not in the map itself. Instead it's a reward for using a honeyflower patch around here: https://tibiamaps.io/map#32003,32140,3:2

Edit: As stated, this is based on data from version 7.7, which happened many years ago, so there might be many other locations in new areas added throughout the years.

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Thank you so much!
I have confirmed all these locations and they're correct. Was tibia maps your whole source?
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No, as I mentioned, I checked the info from Tibia 7.7 leaked files and created TibiaMaps links for them. :)