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I was wondering if utito tempo san just gives you more distance and affects directly to diamond arrows or if they interact in a different way
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damage for auto attacks seems to scale exactly equal for all the ranged attacks, the only difference seems to be the chance to land and atk modifiers, other than it should use the regular formula provided by tibia wiki in which case the distance lvl is a multiple together with atk damage.

Said in short, it should affect it regularly providing extra damage as if were a regular distance target attack.

yet as i have no proofs nor have tested it myself i will leave it as a comment for better answers to appear.
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Anubora (or Anu'dora?)- firstly, most of your comments belongs to answer section. I really like your answers and precision in some of the matters, but, your pertinacious resistance of not using CAPITAL LETTERS on the beginning of the sentences is triggering some OCD in my tiny brain, which makes me want to scratch and pull off my skin from my own face as it seems to be less painful. It is hilarious, as you would spell everything correctly as also use all punctuation but you will not use Capital letter!  ;X
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Rofl, I loved it, sowwy I'm aware that I have some grammar issues specially regarding capitals (I don't use them with the "I" neither and so on), trying to improve that but thx for remind me, I will edit those which I find in a while~

Also,Im glad you noticed it, Shaha lor'ma.

Regarding the answers, I won't mind if someone more skillful could answer using what I commented, so I encourage anyone with more willing to do further investigation and provide sources or at least could develop an answer more visually attractive rather than my walls of text.
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Believe in yourself and your knowledge,  trust me if you are wrong about something, someone will poke you hard in the ribs and tell you that ^^ Let the answers be in answers ^^


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