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Do RPs use 'utito tempo san' at all?

At least for me, not being able to cast healing spells for 10s and having speed reduced seem to be a certain death, in all kinds of hunts, box hunts, boss hunts, single target hunts, ...

Do people use it? When is it worth it for a RP?

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It is realy usefull in bosses, and even hunting.

I usualy do duo hunt (with ED), so I always spell it in asuras, deathlings, and other places.

In solo huntings could be used to if you are careful and fast using the energy ring in case the ultimate potions and the vampirism are not enough to stay you alive. Some places I have seen rps doing it are: roshamuul valey, falcons, draken walls...

Hope I was usefull

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They use it a lot on Bosses to try to get the reward , or also in bosses where they know they are safe or protected by his team.
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I admit I am not RP, but in my opinion, at large team bosses when you want to deal the highest damage, to get the unique loot,  it can be quite handful.

Take for example Ferumbars Boss - the highest damage dealer win the worthy Ferumbars' Hat.

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It's not useless, of course it has some restrictions to use. There are some hunts that u can do using  Utito Tempo San with imbuements, Critical, Life and Mana. For exemplo, Glooth Tower, u can make a box and use Utito Tempo San, you should deal enough damage to heal yourself, but u must be around lvl 400 for that, using the right equips.

Another hunts u can use it is when u are hunting RP+ED, u make a box use Utito and the Ed will help with your life.