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Any RP out there can help a noob RP pls? need some best rotations to hunt 1v1 etc

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there is certainly a rotation even when facing  1 vs 1 but is too simple, also require to know that:

  • In MOST case exori san would be better than exori con.
  • Only mobs which are worthy to use exori con in average are those who have at least a 5% extra advantage on physical damage compared against holy damage. Otherwise exori san is cheaper and provides almost the same damage. probably the physical damage of spells also have to pass through mobs armor (I would need to confirm this last part)
  • Exori con have another advantage in specific cases against exori san, can be casted at 7sqm so you can use it to beat mobs that try to outrun you, so always keep both exori handy for those moments where u can't use exori san due distance, use exori con instead.
  • As said above, u need to ALWAYS keep doing auto attacks, that's your main damage output. so using the skills alongside the auto attack or just right after.
  • Imbuements are a MUST HAVE, specially if you are above lvl 100 OR you are going to handle at least 2 mobs at once, the imbuements (specially life leech and mana leech) works well enough with aoe, improve your survivability and reduce your expenses, don't underestimate them.

Now about the rotation:

  • The cheaper would be always spamming exori san (and exori con in very very specific mobs)
  • The most efficient 1vs1 beside those mobs with physical resist is: Exori san (divine missile) twice + Exori gran con (strong ethereal spear) once.
  • The highest damage (specially if you have above 21+ ml) would come from: divine caldera+ strong ethereal spear + divine caldera + divine missile and repeat. even 1 vs 1 is totally worth the damage, yet the waste would be simply higher.

But, the trouble is that beside some specific cases, mostly u don't 1 vs1, mostly u do 1 vs 2-3  (the most efficient way to hunt single target) so: 

If u cant handle more than 1 mob at once keep using the above rotations (example killing grim reapers/ghastly dragons) below 150), whichever of those is worth enough.

If u can handle only 2 mobs properly (lets say facing 2 ghastly at 150-199), always use the rotation that deals the most damage (that one rotating divine caldera), your damage output would be higher, if you using imbuements on most case you will pay off the most mana you spent.

Then, the best rotation comes when you are able to handle at least 3 mobs the most time, you will start using divine caldera + aoe runes every time u can at least hit 2-3 mobs, also, you would use exori con (ethereal spear) every time a mob try to outrun you or is alone. This rotation provides the higher damage output that single target hunts could provide you (below 300). And is simply more worthy than using diamond arrows (in most case) due the cost of ammo per damage would be always lower and the damage more than similar (facing 2-3-4 mobs mostly)

Finally is important to notice that once you start hunting 2+ mobs at once, the thing u want the most is to beat both of them at same time in order to deal the most damage with your aoe, so u would need to keep constantly retargeting equitably, that also is boosted when you manage to get charms which are also more worthy when you aoe mobs.

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There is no rotation, you just wait for auto attack then you use spell so that you don't stop the auto attack. If you are near monster use Exori san -> Exevo mas san -> Exori san or change exori san for ava if there is more than 1 monster. If monster is weak vs psyhical use Exori gran con instead of 1 Exori san.
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1 vs 1 needs simple rotations, first you need to be sure what kind of attacks is the monster you hunt weak/strong to, so you would know if it is better to use "exori con" or "exori san" in my experience I mostly always use "exori san" it is very rare to find a monster that may be strong against holy, sometimes you would hunt monsters weak to physical attacks, then you would use "exori con". and if a monster is weak to both physical and holy attacks I would choose holy, since it requires less mana and hits almost same.

I recommend you to start hunting with diamond arrows as soon as possible or when you reach level 150, using the rotation

arrow + ava/gfb etc / - arrow + exevo mas san
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Hunting 1v1 you need simple spells. arrow + exori san or exori con. You need to check what is the weakness of the creature you're hunting, and also pay attention that with exori con you can hit in a higher distance than exori con.