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When you buy a char, their achievements are added to your account achievement list and you can use those achievements to show in the website for any char that you own, even if the specific char hasn't obtained this achievement.

When you sell the char, do you lose them? Even if it is currently "in use" by another char?

I think so, but haven't tested it.

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You don't lose them, I just sold my only character with "Efreet Ally" achievement and it still on my account.
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Thank you for this confirmation! Now I need to buy chars with His True Face and Fearless :)
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Regarding the question that you made in the other topic, if you lose the account achievements when a char is deleted, I'm already testing that. I need more ~40 days for this answer.
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I have just confirmed. If you have a char with achievement X and he is the only one with achievement X, if you delete the char, you will continue with the achievement in your account and I managed to add it to another char and display it in the website.