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Hi, I need to earn 17 achievement points to take part in a contest! So do you know of any secrets that could give me the chance to praticipate in the event?

For example, using a Voodoo Doll on someone gives a point!

PS. I cant turn umbral weapons, im only 270lvl
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Hello! I tried to improve your question title in order to make it easier for search engines in the future :)

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hey I got a google sheet with the most achievements in the game and arrange from easy to hard welcome to check it out

gl farming :)


added some easy achievements outside of the sheet for you to try on

keeper of the flame the event is currently on so might aswell do atleast 1 basin

Bearbaiting1Taming a Beareasy
Chequered Teddy1Taming a Pandaeasy
Chorister1Learning all 4 Music Sheetseasy
Allowance Collector2Break 50 Piggy bankseasy
Swamp Beast1Taming a Water Buffaloeasy
Cookie Monster1Baking Cookies 20 timeseasy
Demonic Barkeeper3Shake 250 Concentrated Demonic Bloodeasy
Do Not Disturb1Obtained by closing house windows 100 times (Open don't count)easy
Hidden Powers2Charge a Helmet of the Ancients with a Small Rubyeasy
Keeper of the Flame2Taking part in the Lightbearer Event (nov 11 - nov 15)easy
Rocket in Pocket1Use 3 Fireworks Rockets in your backpackeasy
Rollercoaster1Travel with Ore Wagon 100 timeseasy
Sweet Tooth2Baking 10 Chocolate Cakeseasy
Vanity3Use a Wall Mirror 300 timeseasy

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you welcome
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@idontknow added some of the list to the asnwer :)
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hah, thanks for pointing that out.... little misspelling xD
now looks much better!