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How does one contact Cipsoft?

My friend created an account through a link I sent him from the tibia website and it would not let him choose the server (he doesn't even know what that is, to be honest) so tibia randomly placed him on another server and tagged that random char as the Main char of his account. He doesn't have the option to create a ticket either so I guess trying to contact support would be the best bet but I cannot find any e-mail or way to contact them (besides the forum)

closed as a duplicate of: Can you contact Tibia by email?
The same question has already been asked before. In order to keep the TibiaQA question base clean, we marked this question as a duplicate and closed it to any new answers. This does not mean the question was wrong - we are just making it easier for future users to find the answers they need by linking the duplicated question.
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Relevant question but I consider it a duplicate. Wishing good luck to your friend with this issue!

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A similar question already exists:

Can you contact Tibia by email?

But I don't know if your question should be flagged as a duplicate or not. In any case, you can contact Customer Support by sending an email to support@tibia.com

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Thank you!
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