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I would like to know what are all items on Tibia you could use to lift items on a stack. It does not matter if they are from NPC, daily respawn, or store, as long as you write down how to obtain them.


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From Npcs: 

  • All kind of tables (bamboo, big, carved, small round, small, square, tusk, crystal)
  • Trophy Stand 
  • Small Trunk, 
  • Thick Trunk
  • Boxes, Chest, Crates, Large Trunk
  • Barrel
  • Pot
  • Drum

World Events/Quest 

  • Naga Nest and Basin: Marapur Quest 
  • All Chess Figurines (jade Zaoan and obsidian Zaoan pieces) : The Colours of Magic 
  • Artefact boxes: Adventure of Galthen Quest 
  • Present kits (Most used is  Yellow present kit): You can buy it from Theodora with Theons or market. 

From the environment: 

  • Venorean Chair: Venore 
  • Small Golden Taboret (My favourite also jiji): Issavi, Oramond. 
  • Ornamented Stone Table: Oramond, Yalahar. 
  • Stool: Outlaw Camp, Yasir's ship.


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Thank you! Would you mind adding images for each item? Would be amazing to visually identify everything :D
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I added the image to the answer, I hope this can help you. <3
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Amazing! Thank you!!