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We know that Orshabaal is one of the most famous monsters in the world of "Tibia", and very important for the RPG of the game. He is a Demonlord who hides far below the surface of Edron. Your magical and physical powers are awesome! When he decides to invade the world, he does not come alone. Should not it be reviewed, considering that his last appearance in Quelibra died in only 3 seconds ? 

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No, they shouldn't! See the duplicate question for reasons.

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Not only Orshabaal, all old bosses like Ferumbra's, need a new and full rework and not only incress their health, they need more power and better IA or stages to kill it and not only sigle die by SD combo.
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Your answer is perfect! I think the same way, I hope they do it as soon as possible.
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Stages to kill or even a better AI would be pretty awesome. I remember when Thoria got famous when Orshabaall slaughtered hundreds of players in one day!