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Ive got 300kk to spend on 360 ms. Should I get 400 and buy soul set for it or I’ll be better with burning the money on boosts?
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I believe that with the edition, your question is acceptable now.

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Well, there is no right answer for that question because it's totally up to you.

My RECOMENDATION is to rush level 400, buy Soultainter and Soulshanks (because of ML bonus) and spend the rest on boosts and preys.

If you don't have a party (4 members), just buy the Soultainter.

I think level 600 is a good level to start buying your full set (including arcanomancer).
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Taking in count the soul items are the big one and you gonna use its from level 400+ to infinite, in some time the benefits for use are gonna be more than the boosted experience you can buy with the same money. So the benefits from using the bis item dont have expired date, the boosted exp have.