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I've been reading a bit about feyrist and roshamuul, but I got very interested in Gaz'Haragoth. Where can I read the Lore of this boss?
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I'm not going to summarise it for you in an answer, but you can start here: https://tibia.fandom.com/wiki/The_Dreamers_I_(Book)

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Gaz'haragoth is a Demon Prince who was once in charge of overseeing Roshamuul, until the explosion of the Dream Catcher mutated him into his current form.

After a world breaks Roshamuul's wall, Gaz'haragoth is found on top of the mountain at the center of the island, and will remain there until it's defeated. Upon defeat, Gaz'haragoth is cast to the Roshamuul Prison lowest levels, where it will be imprisoned in a secure room. Even so, eventually he gathers considerable strength and can be fought again by brave warriors.

The Tibia's Lore about Roshamuul is brief, also there is a name that seems to be involved in many things about Roshamuul , his name is Variphor

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I'm afraid it looks like you're using AI to generate these responses, this lacks of actuall consistency (and context) to answers the question. It would be a good idea to quote the sources and where did you find information about the parts of the lore that's been asked. You can always improve an answer by going into the specifics of the process of finding it.
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Edited , sry for yesterday fast answers , lack of time to research , I Updated it with Tibia real lore.